Lauren Basham
artist. designer. photographer




Lauren Basham recently earned her BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Studio Art from James Madison University. While having a passion for design, she also enjoys dabbling in photography, painting and drawing. She has a slight obsession with making miniature drawings and all things organized neatly. A keen eye, attention to detail, and precision are a few of the qualities she brings to her work. Her curiosity leaves her always wanting to learn more about and experience all things design and art related.

When not designing or making art, LB likes to bake, cook, travel, build furniture, tend to her many plants, do home improvement projects, watch motion pictures and take too many photos of her adorably weird dog, Monty.

Weirdo Facts: Owner of webbed toes. Has never consumed a hot pocket, Twinkie or soda. Made and wore a duct tape dress to her high school homecoming. Has naturally had every hair color humanly possible. One time Irish stepdancer.               

LB currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia.



Life in Instant Grams, not lbs.


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